That spring energy is officially here and we are LOVING everything that the creatives and fellow entrepreneurs in our community are coming up with. If you are in the process of launching a new business, a new brand, or a new website, this blog post is for you! At Legally Set, we know how easy it is to get caught up in the exciting parts of a launch. Choosing your brand colors, working with a website designer, spending way too much time on Creative Market. We know you have a big vision and it’s fun to explore it. 

When we go into business for ourselves, you might dream of growing a big team or you might think you’ll always be a team of one. As you grow, you are going to want help. While you might start outsourcing your weakness by hiring professional service providers for specific tasks, as your business continues to grow you might want to add ongoing help. 

Now that life is beginning to resume some sort of normality, people are beginning to catch up on all the events that they missed out on last year. If you are planning an event or have an event services company of some sort, you may have heard the words “Covid-19 liability waiver”. In these confusing times with all these new Covid-19 rules, you may not know exactly what that is or if your company should use them.

Let’s review why this waiver could be a great idea.


Wondering what to include in your contract as a freelancer? With remote work quickly becoming the “new normal”, more and more people are considering starting a freelance business. The appeal is strong – it’s literally in the name – you’re free! Free to be your own boss, free to choose your own projects, and free to set your hours. Before you get too excited though, it’s a whole new world when it comes to the legalities and contracts. If all those terms & conditions we never read (oops!) have taught us anything, it’s that the online space is changing all the time. Having a carefully created contract with numerous clauses is essential to protecting yourself as a freelancer.
LLC vs. S corp – which is right for your business? If you found your way here, I already know that you value running a responsible and legal business, so we are off to a great start. Too often, entrepreneurs go into business completely unprotected. We follow our passion, and try to figure things out as we go. Although that certainly works for some things, your business legal and tax structure shouldn’t be something you gamble. We are going to break down LLC vs. S Corp structures more below.