It’s time to go legit!

Owning a small business can be overwhelming AF. Trust us, we know. With all the moving parts of running a business, legal matters tend to take a back seat. Well, that’s about to change. Have you been drowning in ‘legalese’ while operating your business? Has your only option been to piece together contract clauses from the internet, or worse-other people’s contracts? BREATHE. Legally Set is here. You can finally shop lawyer-drafted contracts, policies and guidelines that will help you be #LegallySet and secure moving forward. Peace of mind comes at a very affordable price. It’s time to go legit! Shop our easy-to-read and implement attorney-vetted contracts today!

Hi, I'm Kunbi

I am an Attorney and Publisher with over 10 years experience in the creative industry. I have the privilege of knowing how life is on both sides of the creative spectrum and believe it is part of what makes me a great lawyer and expert maneuverer of the legal hurdles in the creative industry!