Entrepreneur Contract Bundle

If you’re a business that serves others, you also have to make sure you’re serving yourself by being #legallyset. Today we’re sharing the 5 essential contracts you need for your service business.  Our Entrepreneur Contract Bundle is a great start-up package to have for your business. This bundle includes a solid batch of essentials for your service based business. You’re saving over 20% with this bundle.

Included in this Bundle is:

  • Client Service Agreement ($399): An all-purpose client contract to be used with all of your clients that outlines your services, payment terms, and so much more.
  • Hiring Agreements: Whether you’re outsourcing work to a freelancer or hiring an employee, our Independent Contractor Agreement and Employee Agreement will help you get those working relationships started the right way.
    • Employment Agreement ($299):
    • Independent Contractor ($399)
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement Bundle ($299): Whether it’s for a collaborative project, exploring a potential business relationship, or having your advisors review something you’re working on, you want to make sure your confidential information STAYS confidential. 
    This bundle includes a Non-Compete Agreement.