Event Planner Agreement

Creating the perfect event is all in the details: the venue, the decor, the catering. When it all comes together and works the way it should, it’s a great experience for all parties – but a smart event organizer knows that contingency planning and clear communication will prevent issues every time. This Event Planner Agreementis a contract template used to clearly define expectations, terms, and conditions related to the execution of an event. It includes a list of services being provided on behalf of the event, how, when, and through what method payment will be rendered, cancellation terms for both parties, and a termination clause. This event planning contract template also includes the all-important force majeure clause, which relieves obligations for both parties in the event of a catastrophic and unforeseen issue.


  • Enjoy peace of mind as your event day draws closer, knowing you’ve protected yourself legally and avoided many common miscommunication problems in the process.
  • This comprehensive and legally-binding Event Planning Agreementaffords protections to both event service providers as well as event hosts.
  • An important document to have on file as Covid-19 restrictions gradually ease, and in-person gatherings are once more held without concern.